About OGA Post 16

Outwood Grange Academy Post 16 Centre – A Community of Excellence

Our Post 16 Centre at Outwood Grange Academy is a very special community where hard work, resilience and a collective growth mindset underpins outstanding academic success and personal development. Every student enjoys a personalised and tailored experience which gives them the skills and experiences needed to thrive after Post 16. We expect that all of our Post 16 students embrace three key concepts to help ensure you are fully qualified for your next step in life:

A Growth Mindset
In our Post 16 Centre, students and staff work together to achieve exceptional examination results and we have unashamedly high expectations for every single person within our community. Success requires hard work, learning is complicated and progress isn’t always straightforward, which is why you need to develop and embrace a Growth Mindset.

Impeccable Behaviour
Our Post 16 Centre is a gateway to the professional world of work and university; in preparation for this we expect you to display the very highest standards of behaviour throughout your time with us. As a role model for our younger students and an ambassador for Outwood Grange Academy you will meet the high expectations we set and as a result you will commit to your studies with vigour and enthusiasm, you will treat all members of our community with polite respect and you will wear your business dress smartly taking pride and care in your appearance.

Commitment to Cultural Capital
Education opens doors and our Post 16 Centre works hard to make sure you have the academic results needed for future success but we are also determined that you gain the support, opportunities and experiences required to become a successful member of modern British society. You will quickly develop cultural capital by reading newspapers, watching the news and going to the cinema, theatre, ballet, sporting events, an art gallery and library!

Post 16 education at Outwood Grange encourages students to learn their craft and become independent craftsmen and women who strive for the best in everything that they do. They will become so familiar with the taste of excellence that they will never quite be satisfied with less; they will always be hungry to improve.